Mission Statement

The employees of the Maplewood Fire Department pledge the highest quality of service to meet our customers’ needs.  We further commit to call customers, continual public and employee education, fire prevention and emergency response.  We will provide these services in a safe, professional and effective manner.  
Bay Doors at 3M Station

2017 Objectives

  • Respond to 90% of the emergency response calls within eight (8) minutes.
  • Ensure response capacity for fire and high acuity EMS events while ensuring firefighter safety.
  • Update and refine emergency preparedness plans.
  • Explore and evaluate public and private partnership opportunities
  • Evaluate new ways of becoming more efficient.
  • Begin to develop a plan to address low acuity medical calls.
  • Enhance community risk reduction programs (Fire and EMS)

The Maplewood Fire Department is a combination department consisting of part-time casual and Full-Time Staff. There are 38 part-time casual firefighters and 15 full-time firefighters that work out of 3 stations. The department's administrative staff includes the Fire Chief and 2 Assistant Fire Chief's. Fire/EMS personnel responded to 5,089 fire and EMS calls in 2015.

The Maplewood Fire Department 2011-2016 Strategic Plan (PDF) is now available for your viewing. 
The City of Maplewood operates out of three Fire Stations

Station 1 (south)
Located at 600 McKnight Road N

Station 2 (central)
Located at 1955 Clarence Street N

Station 3 (north)
Located at 1530 County Road C E.

Arson Tip Hotline

  1. Steve Lukin

    Phone: (651) 249-2802

    Steve Lukin was sworn in as the City of Maplewood’s first full-time Assistant Fire Chief in May 1999 and was promoted to Fire Chief/Emergency Manager in March 2000. Steve began his fire career as a paid-per-call firefighter in October of 1977 with the Gladstone Fire Department serving as Firefighter/EMT, Pump Operator, Training Officer, Captain, District Chief, Assistant Chief and he was the last Fire Chief of the Gladstone Fire Department before they merged into the Maplewood Fire Department. Steve was twice named the Gladstone Fire Department’s Firefighter of the Year.

    Steve is a Minnesota Certified Emergency Manager, a licensed Firefighter in Minnesota, holds a certification in Local Hazard Zone Management, other fire and EMS certification and is a 30-year member of the Minnesota Fire Chiefs Association. Steve earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin – Stout. He is active in a variety of community and non-profit organizations.

    Steve and his wife Kathy are lifetime residents of Maplewood. They raised their three daughters in Maplewood and are still proud residents.