Preschool Baseball Clinic

2-3 year-old class (parent participation required) - Children will learn how to throw a ball overhand, field with 2 hands, improve hand-eye coordination, and making contact with baseball off the tee. Fun games and relays will help to reinforce the skills.
4 year-old class - Children will learn throwing, fielding (with a glove), hitting, and base running techniques. We will focus on children swinging through the baseball off the tee, getting children to throw harder and to specific targets. Small sided games will be played toward the end of class. Introduction to sliding and further base recognition is covered. It’s a thoughtful mix of fun and learning.

Day: Monday
Session 1: May 16 - June 27 NO CLASS: May 30
Session 2: July 25 - August 29
2-3 year: 5:45-6:30pm
4 year: 6:30-7:15pm
Rates: $45  MCC Member: $35

Three Ways to Register

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  • In person at the Maplewood Community Center