Boards & Commissions

Have you ever wondered what you could do to help make the City of Maplewood a better place to live? The City Council is not the only place where citizens have an opportunity to become involved in City government. The City of Maplewood also has eight commissions and boards where citizens have a chance to get involved and be a part of the decision making process. Commissions include: Community Design Review Board, Environmental & Natural Resources Commission, Heritage Preservation Commission, Housing & Economic Development Commission, Parks & Recreation Commission, Planning Commission and Police Civil Service Commission.  In addition to these commissions and boards, the Maplewood City Council serves as the Maplewood Area Economic Development Authority. 

The City of Maplewood is currently accepting applications to fill openings on the following commissions:
Heritage Preservation Commission (2 openings)
Environmental & Natural Resources Commission (1 opening)

These openings are due to terms expiring and resignations.  The City Council will interview candidates that apply and will appoint individuals to fill these openings.  Follow this link to find the Commission & Boards Application. Completed applications should be submitted to the City Manager’s Office at 1830 County Road B E, Maplewood, MN 55109. Applications are accepted at any time. Interview sessions are held approximately 3 - 4 times per year. 


  1. Community Design Review Board

    Community Design Review Board

    The CDRB reviews building design, site plans, and landscape for proposed multi-family, commercial and industrial development in Maplewood. The CDRB’s goal is to approve attractive developments in architectural design, the use of proper landscape materials and a functional and attractive layout.

  2. Environmental & Natural Resources Commission

    Environmental & Natural Resources Commission

    The Environmental and Natural Resources Commission will help protect, preserve and enhance the environment of the City of Maplewood.

  3. Heritage Preservation Commission

    Heritage Preservation Commission

    The Heritage Preservation Commission was created to help the city of Maplewood with its overall historic preservation goals. These goals include; supporting the protection of the City’s heritage by preserving, protecting, conserving, and wisely using the significant historical, cultural, architectural, or archaeological objects, structures, buildings, sites in the City.

  4. Housing & Economic Development Commission

    Housing & Economic Development Commission

    The Housing and Economic Development Commission advises the Maplewood Economic Development Authority on issues relating to maintaining, expanding and diversifying the housing, economic and business opportunities in the City of Maplewood, while addressing the needs of the city’s residents’ quality of life and its environment.

  1. Maplewood Area Economic Development Authority

    Maplewood Area Economic Development Authority

    The Maplewood Area Economic Development Authority has the role and responsibility and authority to carry out economic and industrial development and redevelopment within the Maplewood area pursuant to bylaws as may be adopted by the authority.

  2. Parks & Recreation Commission

    Parks & Recreation Commission

    The Parks and Recreation Commission works closely with city staff to address the mission of the Parks and Recreation Department, which is to provide a community environment for all citizens to participate in and enjoy cultural and recreational activities on an equitable basis.

  3. Planning Commission

    Planning Commission

    The Maplewood Planning Commission works to prepare and recommend a comprehensive plan for the development of the City and to review zoning and land use matters like rezoning requests, zoning variances, property subdivisions, right-of-way vacations and home occupation requests.

  4. Police Civil Service Commission

    Police Civil Service Commission

    The Police Civil Service Commission is responsible for overseeing selection processes for sworn officers and acting as a hearing body for discipline and discharge issues for the Maplewood Police Department in accordance with M.S. Chapter 419.