1. MetroTransit

    Join the community of satisfied customers who boarded Metro Transit express and local buses, light rail and commuter rail more than 81 million times in the last year.

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  2. MetroMobility

    If you’re unable to use regular transit services because of a disability or health condition, you may be eligible to ride on Metro Mobility, a shared transit service that connects people to any regional destination.

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  3. Transit Link

    Transit Link is the Twin Cities dial-a-ride small bus service for the general public, where regular route transit service is not available. Transit Link is for trips that can’t be accomplished on regular transit routes alone, and may combine regular route and Transit Link service.

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In addition to public transportation options, we have a number of taxi services that operate within Maplewood. 

GED Specialized Transportation
2271 Atlantic Street
Maplewood, MN 55109
Phone: 651-276-4629

You can also use Uber but always keep in mind that their rates are not regulated, but increase when demand is high. 

MetroTransit Station at Maplewood Mall

MetroTransit Station