Senior Fitness

At the MCC we've made the health and wellness of seniors a top priority by providing programs for the whole person. Through group exercise classes and water fitness classes that concentrate on mobility and flexibility, as well as strength and balance training, dance classes, social events, and volunteer activities, the MCC is bringing active adults together for camaraderie, wellness training, and fun!

Wondering where you should begin?

Beginner/Lightly Active

Silver Sneakers Classic: 
If a beginner or have a lower activity level this is a great class to start with. Silver Sneaker classics offers a variety of range of motion exercises, muscle conditioning, and flexibility while using chairs, exercise tubes, dumbbells, and rubber balls, so for those who prefer to be seated, this class is also an excellent choice. 

Silver Sneakers Yoga:

If a beginner or have a lower activity level silver sneakers yoga is a good class to start with first. This class helps relax the mind/body, increase flexibility, and range of motion while doing seated yoga poses and optional standing poses.

Golden Beats:

If a beginner, have a lower activity level, or prefer to be seated this is a perfect choice. This is a fun class where you get to use drum sticks, stability balls, and risers while drumming and getting an awesome upper body workout.


Hydro-Blast is a wonderful non-impact class that incorporates pool drills, intervals and plyometric movements in the water that you can take at whatever pace you prefer.

Moderate-Highly active

Silver Sneakers Cardio:
This is a little more intense class for seniors. If more active and have a medium to high activity level this is a wonderful class. Silver Sneakers Cardio offers upper body strength work alternated with non-pact aerobic choreography while exercising with chairs, exercise tubes, dumbbells, and rubber balls. 

Zumba Gold ($):

This is a Latin inspired dance fitness class taken at a slower pace. If you’re someone who loves to dance and have a medium to high activity level this is a great choice.  Registration is required for this class.

Yoga Light:

This is a lighter version of yoga, focusing on alignment, breath, posture, and stretch. In this class you will be using mats and going down to the floor. So, this is a good fit for older adults and seniors who have a medium to higher activity level. 

Drums Alive:

Drums alive is similar to Golden Beats, except in this class it’s taken at a medium to high level. This is a fun standing class, where you will be doing cardio and drumming at a much faster pace all at the same time.  

Highly Active

Forever Fit:

Forever Fit is a high activity level class for older adults. In this class you use mats, weights, resistance bands, and balls while doing low-impact aerobics and strength conditioning.
Silver & Fit Excel:
Silver & Fit Excel is a highly active class for older adults who exercise regularly. This class helps increase flexibility, joint stability, dynamic balance, coordination, agility, reaction-time, muscular strength, power, and endurance.