New Logo

Masthead - DarkGreen
The City of Maplewood is excited to roll out an updated City logo.  When staff began work on updating the City website it was determined that it would also be a good time to update the City logo.  Input was received from the public, the City Council and staff.  In the end a graphic designer was given the task of pulling the ideas together to create a new and fresh logo for Maplewood.
The key components of the updated logo include:
• A deep red and soft green color palette;
• An outline style adaptation of the traditional maple leaf design; and
• A more current font type.

The logo is used in many different ways throughout the City, some of which include social media, stationery and business cards, signage and emblems on vehicles and uniforms.  Due to the wide range of mediums being used, two versions of the new logo have been created, vertical and horizontal. 

The old City logo will gradually be phased out and residents can soon expect to start seeing the new logo throughout the community. 

Verticle - Red_w_word