Lakewood-Sterling Area Street Improvements 

Project Update – 04/26/2016     
Here we go!

The contractor, Midwest Asphalt Corporation, will begin moving into the project area on May 9, 2016.  Generally, they plan to construct the project improvements from north to south, beginning on Sterling Street near Londin Lane.  This segment of Sterling Street will take around 4 weeks to complete, at which time they will move to the Lakewood area of the project. 

If you have any questions or comments in regards to this project, please feel free to contact the project manager to discuss. The project team looks forward to working with you to make these improvements in your neighborhood!

Project Timeline:

•City Council Authorizes preparation of Feasibility Report – July 27, 2015
•Initial Letter Sent to Residents Informing of Project – August 5, 2015
•1st Neighborhood Meeting – September 30, 2015
•Public Hearing – November 23, 2015
•2nd Neighborhood Meeting – March 2, 2016
•Assessment Hearing and Award of Construction Contract – March 14, 2016
•Construction Begins – May 9, 2016
•Construction Complete – August 2016
  1. Jon Jarosch

    Civil Engineer II
    Phone: (651) 249-2405

Project Location Map 15-11.jpg
Roads included: Crestview Court, Lakewood Drive, Mamie Avenue, Marnie Court, Mary Place, Moreland Court, Oak Heights Court, Schadt Drive, Snowshoe Court/Lane, Sterling Street
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This project area was identified for improvements through annual pavement ratings and resident input.  The pavement in the project area has deteriorated to the point at which pothole filling and patching are no longer effective.
During the project, the existing pavement will be crushed and blended with the underlying aggregate to form new base material to support the road.  This is commonly referred to as pavement reclamation.  After the road has been reclaimed, excess material will be removed and the base will be compacted.  Two new layers of bituminous pavement will then be installed over this base.  Other improvements occurring during the project include the replacement of severely deteriorated concrete curb and gutter and the adjustment of manholes to the final pavement elevation.
The project will be completed under thru-traffic conditions for local traffic.  Area residents will have access to their property to most times during the project.  If you have any special access needs (handicapped, an event planned at your residence, etc.) please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.