Public Art at Joy Park

In early 2015 staff entered into a consulting contract with Forecast Public Art to solicit local artists for the installation of a picnic shelter and play environment at Joy Park.  In May, staff interviewed four qualified public artist groups.   The City entered into a contract with Fireflies Play for design and completion of this project.  

The goals of this installation are the following:

  • Durable, safe, weather resistant, and low maintenance

  • Accessible to children and adults of all ages and abilities
  • Conveys artistic excellence that celebrates the history and landscape of the surrounding area, and has a broad, timeless appeal appropriate to the public setting
  • Any use of playground equipment must meet all US Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements
Construction began in early September with and expected completion in late October.  This is an exciting project for the City and our first real full scale attempt at Public Art.  We are hopeful that this process will allow us to begin incorporating Public Art in our parks, system wide.