Hillwood-Crestview Area Pavement Rehabilitation

The City is happy to announce that improvements in the Hillwood-Crestview area are underway! If you live in the project area, the phrase that likely comes to mind is - 'It's about time'. We get it. The streets in this neighborhood had some of the lowest ratings of all City streets.

The Contractor, T.A. Schifsky and Sons, Inc. has broken the project area into two phases. Phase one includes all project streets north of Hillwood Drive. Phase two includes all project streets south of and including Hillwood Drive.

This project includes the full-depth reclamation (grinding) of the project streets, the replacement of severely deteriorate concrete curb and gutter, and the installation of 2 new layers of bituminous pavement.

Proposed Timeline

Target Dates
Oct 13, 2016
Information Packet Mailed
Oct 26, 2016
Neighborhood Meeting at 6:00pm - 7:30pm in Room D of Maplewood Community Center
Dec 12, 2016
Council Accepts Feasibility Report, Calls for Public Hearing, and Authorizes Preparation of Plans and Specs
Jan 9, 2017 Council held Public Hearing and Ordered Improvement
Feb 13, 2017 Council Approved Plans, Authorized Ad for Bid, and Authorized Preparation of Assessment Roll
Feb 27, 2017 Council Accepted Assessment Roll and Ordered Assessment Hearing
Mar 23, 2017 Bids were Opened
April 24, 2017 Council held Assessment Hearing and Awarded Construction Contract to T.A.Schifsky and Sons, Inc.
May 1, 2017 Construction Begins in Project Area
May 8 2017 Council Approves Revised Assessment Roll and Deferral Requests
September 1, 2017
Project Completion
  1. Jon Jarosch

    Assistant City Engineer
    Phone: (651) 249-2405

Hillwood-Crestview Project Phasing Map

Hillwood-Crestview Location Map

Streets impacted:

Crestview Drive, Dorland Road, Hillwood Drive, Huntington Court, Lakewood Drive, Marnie Street, Oakridge Drive, Oakridge Lane, Springside Drive, Teakwood Court, Teakwood Drive