1. Administration


    To provide leadership for the effective implementation of policy directions given by the Maplewood City Council to efficiently deliver public services to the people of Maplewood.

  2. Citizens Services

    Citizens Services

    The Citizens Services Administration works to maintain records, administer elections, issue all licenses and passports in a timely and efficient manner and provide citizens with requested data. This department also strives to promote the city through print and media and assist other departments in promoting their activities and programs through innovative advertising, online ads, email and print newsletters to Maplewood and surrounding areas.

  3. Environmental & Economic Development Department

    Environmental & Economic Development Department

    To protect public health, safety and welfare by ensuring that land use and buildings meet applicable city codes, regional goals and state and Federal laws. The department will guide future growth and construction in the city that enhances economic development while conserving natural resources in accordance with the goals and policies of the Maplewood Comprehensive Plan.

  4. Finance


    The Finance Department supports all city departments by providing financial management, accounting and treasury services

  5. Fire & Paramedics

    Fire & Paramedics

    Maplewood Fire is a combination part-time and full-time department. There are 38 part-time firefighters/EMTs that work out of 3 stations. There are also 15 full-time firefighters, along with 3 full-time administrative staff.

  6. Human Resources

    Human Resources

    To provide a positive, productive work environment through management of employment law practices, labor and employee relations, personnel policies, hiring process, compensation and benefits program, performance and training.

  7. Information Technology

    Information Technology

    To provide the most effective information technology services and support possible to the City of Maplewood staff and citizens.

  8. Nature Center

    Nature Center

    Maplewood Nature Center is 1 of 35 parks owned and operated by the City of Maplewood. This free city park is a premier nature destination close to home and a great place to visit! The nature center receives up to 15,000 visitors per year.

  9. Parks & Recreation

    Parks & Recreation

    The mission of Maplewood Parks and Recreation is to provide diverse recreational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities, enhance and preserve our parks, facilities, and open spaces while promoting environmental stewardship through education and outreach.

  10. Police


    The Maplewood Police Department has an authorized strength of 52 sworn officers and 11 non-sworn staff that serves the broad range policing needs of the City.

  11. Public Works

    Public Works

    To deliver a sound infrastructure system and high quality maintenance operations, complemented by exceptional customer service.

  12. Visiting City Hall

    Visiting City Hall

    pdf map of City Hall Campus showing City Hall, Maplewood Community Center, 1902 Building and Ramsey County Court House