The Maplewood Police department currently has 2 canine teams. In 2007, Officer Joe Demulling and his partner Brix, graduated from the Saint Paul Police Department canine training program. In 2016, our 2nd team joined the department, Officer Todd Langner and Kody.

The Police Department has utilized a canine program since 1977, and since that time, 12 officers and their canine partners have dedicated a great deal of time and effort to the program.
K9 Unit
Those officers and their partners include:
  • Officer Todd Langner and Kody 2016 - present
  • Officer Joe Demulling and Brix 2013 - present
  • Officer Tony Gabriel and Yoda 2007 - 2016
  • Officer Brian Bierdeman and Rebel 2007 - 2016
  • Officer Steve Hiebert and Duke 1999 - 2007
  • Officer Stan Belde and Jagr 2000 - 2007
  • Officer Steve Palma and Jake 1995 - 2000
  • Officer John Bohl and Shep 1989 - 1999
  • Officer John Banick and Kodiak / Prince 1985 - 1995
  • Officer Scott Steffen and Tiger 1984 - 1991
  • Officer Dan Mettler and Pepper 1980 - 1984
  • Officer Dick Lang and Lade 1977 - 1987

Donation from Saint Paul K-9 Foundation & Sam's Club For New K-9 Team

Thanks in part to the generosity of the Saint Paul Police K-9 Foundation, Maplewood Police were recently able to welcome a new K-9 team. Officer Joe Demulling and his new partner, Brix, started their training at the Saint Paul Police Department K-9 Training Center on September 9th.

The Saint Paul Police K-9 Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose focus is on educational and charitable purposes to support the Saint Paul Police Department Canine Unit. The Saint Paul Police K-9 Foundation sometimes offers financial support to other law enforcement agencies utilizing the Saint Paul Police canine training program.

White Bear Lake Sam’s Club

On September 26th employees at the White Bear Lake Sam’s Club presented a donation to the Saint Paul Police K-9 Foundation, a portion of which would be used to fund the grant for a new Maplewood Police Department K-9 team. Through the efforts of Sam’s Club employees, more than $14,000 was raised and presented to the K-9 Foundation. Approximately $6,000 of that was used to offset a portion of the cost to the Maplewood Police Department.

“The replacement of one of our K-9 teams was not something we planned this year,” said Deputy Chief Dave Kvam. “We are very appreciative of Sam’s Club and the Saint Paul Police K-9 Foundation for their tremendous generosity. Our canine teams are a wonderful resource, helping our officers in their efforts to protect the public.”

2 Teams

The Maplewood Police Department has fielded 2 canine teams for many years. One of our K-9 handlers, Sergeant Bierdeman, was recently promoted to sergeant. Considering the age of his K-9 partner, Rebel, the promotion would normally necessitate the retirement of that team. In part because Sergeant Bierdeman and Rebel have performed so well together and because they are a veteran team, the department has elected to let them serve out their remaining time together, with Sergeant Bierdeman in his new role. The money raised by Sam’s Club and grant from the K-9 Foundation is allowing Maplewood Police to field an additional canine team, in preparation for the eventual retirement to come.