Maplewood provides its citizens a sense of community. The city is filled with a combination of lush wooded areas, lakes, ponds, beautiful parks and trails as well as nice residential areas and well planned commercial and industrial areas.

City Description
Maplewood is a suburb of about 36,279 (2005) in the Twin Cities metropolitan area located about 15 minutes or 9 miles from downtown Street Paul. Maplewood has over 33 parks and a great trail system. This city also has its own Community Center, Motor Vehicle Department as well as its own Police Department and Fire Department. Maplewood has good schools and a wide variety of recreational opportunities which add to the quality of life in Maplewood. As a growing community with many diversities we welcome everyone to our city whether you are a potential resident, business owner or visitor.

Resident's Guide
This Resident's Guide was assembled by staff at the City of Maplewood to assist new residents of the community. We’re happy to have you as a new resident in Maplewood and hope this resident guide will help you get better acquainted with the City of Maplewood.