2030 Comprehensive Plan

What is a Comprehensive Plan?
Community planning is a systematic, ongoing, forward-looking process of analysis of opportunity and constraints, for the purpose of formulating a plan to accomplish the community's goals and objectives. A comprehensive plan implements the long-range vision for the community's future. It is a guide for elected officials to use when making decisions. It is the legal foundation for rules and regulations adopted by the community, such as the zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations.

Why is this Document Required?
The Metropolitan Council requires that cities within the 7-county metropolitan area update its comprehensive plan every 10 years. Maplewood's plan includes chapters on land use, natural resources, transportation, wastewater, water supply, storm-water management, housing and parks and recreation.

Review Process
The plan update process started in 2008. After dozens of public meetings, the update was sent to the Metropolitan Council for review the summer of 2009. In December 2009, the Metropolitan Council voted unanimously to approve Maplewood’s Comprehensive Plan. The City Council adopted it on January 25, 2010.

The completed Comprehensive Plan will be managed by the City Council, which is required to consider its goals, policies and programs when reviewing and setting City ordinances and policies.

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