Citizens Services Administration

Our Mission
To maintain records, administer elections, issue all licenses and passports in a timely and efficient manner and provide citizens with requested data.

To promote the city through print and media and assist other departments in promoting their activities and programs through innovative advertising, online ads, email and print newsletters to Maplewood and surrounding areas.

The department sees approximately 80,000 individuals annually assisting them with various transactions. We welcome you to visit us!
2015 Objectives
  • Provide 100% of completed council agendas and agenda packets provided 4 days in advance of meetings and 100% of legal notices prepared, posted and or published with legal deadlines.
  • Manage the production of the Maplewood Living and other city publications keeping the public informed of progress, events and the overall story of the city.   Continue to work with  local and surrounding businesses showcasing their offerings and increase the use of social networking for marketing and advertising purposes.   
  • Work with all departments to manage the record keeping of all contracts and agreements for required retention purposes and for improved transparency.
  • Facilitate updates and republications to the City Code of Ordinances through Municipal Code on a bi-annual basis or as needed.  
  • Revise the Records Retention Schedule reflecting changes in the 2014 legislative session and provide departments with updated laws and practices on records retention practices.
  • Continue working with local auto dealers, banks and credit unions in Maplewood and surrounding areas performing their deputy registrar work.
  • Conduct the 2015 Local Election cycle implementing the use of the new election equipment and conduct educational open houses for voters to view the new equipment.
  • Serve as the Department liaison for Human Rights Commission assisting the Commission in projects and events as needed.
  • Conduct the annual July 4th “Lite It Up” fireworks event at Hazelwood Park securing vendors and sponsors to help with the cost of the event.

The Citizen Services Department is also the office of the City Clerk and is responsible for the administrative and record keeping functions for all City Council actions and administers local, state and federal elections. Additionally, the department issues all business licenses for the city. Please see the Business License page for additional information and license applications.

We also offer a full-service motor vehicle department where you can get your Minnesota ID, driver's license, title transfers, vehicle registration (tabs), boat and motorcycle registration. 
Need a Passport? Come and see any of our staff members who are trained as Federal Passport Agents and we will assist you in applying for a passport or photos for a passport renewal.

The City Clerk is also the Responsible Authority for the city and can assist you with all of your data record request needs