No City Election This Year !

The Maplewood City Council changed the city’s elections from odd to even years. Therefore, the City will not be holding Elections this year. Please refer to the Even Year Elections webpage for additional information.

However, Ramsey County Elections is conducting the Election on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 for the Roseville Area School Board and Bond Referendum; and the White Bear Lake Area School Board and Local Operating Levy Renewal . The following Maplewood precincts will be open as part of the those elections: 
- P1 St. Paul Hmong Alliance Church, 1770 McMenemy St. 
- P2 St. Jerome’s, 384 Roselawn Ave. E.
- P3 Edgerton School, 1929 Edgerton St.
- P8 Ramsey County Library, 3025 Southlawn Dr.  

For additional information visit the Ramsey County Election website.


Candidate Filing

Candidates file for Mayor or City Council positions at City Hall and are elected in even-numbered years. City Council elections are non-partisan

Election Results

Results can be obtained on the Secretary of State Website. After Election Day, election results can be obtained by calling the City Clerk at 651-249-2002.

Time Off to Vote

In a federal, state, or any regularly scheduled election, every employee has the right to be excused from work to vote on Election Day without penalty or loss of salary or wages per Minnesota Statute 204C.04.

Assistance to Persons With Disabilities

All polling places have a booth accessible for persons with disabilities. In addition, there is a machine to assist the voter in marking the ballot. Voters unable to enter a polling place may, with the assistance of two election judges of different political parties, register and vote without leaving their vehicle. Absentee voting is also available prior to Election Day..
Minnesota has a consolidated primary ballot that allows voters to make a secret choice of a major party primary.

Candidate Access to Multiple-Unit Buildings for Campaign Purposes