Master Plan

Fish Creek Master Plan
In 2012 Maplewood approved a Master Plan and began work on a Management Plan for the Fish Creek site. The focus of the plans is providing access to the site while protecting natural and cultural resources. Download the Master Plan (PDF).

Project Scope & Process
The Master Plan addresses recreation, trails, parking and target vegetation. The plan covers the 70-acre Fish Creek parcel and the adjacent County Open Space. Three public meetings were held in summer 2012 to develop concepts for the Master Plan. City and county staff prepared the maps and narrative. In fall 2012, three commissions reviewed and the plan, and it was approved by City Council.

The Management Plan is a more detailed natural resources plan addressing site conditions and restoration. It incorporates the target vegetation map approved in the Master Plan and reflects concepts approved in the Master Plan. Great River Greening is preparing the Management Plan with assistance from city and county staff.