Maplewood Parks System Plan

January 12, 2015 City Council Workshop Presentations
The City is in the process of developing a plan that will guide investments over the next 20 years to parks, recreation facilities, trails, preserves, public art, and cultural and historic resources. The plan will assure that the system will meet community needs now and into the future. It will address the community’s aging infrastructure, changing city demographics, evolving parks and recreation trends, connectivity with local neighborhoods, and long-term funding.

What Have We Heard?

The Maplewood Parks System Task Force has been working in collaboration with the City Council, Parks and Recreation Commission, and City Staff for more than a year on the development of a system plan. The Taskforce has gathered public input in a variety of ways including through focus groups, presentations, and a community survey. Use the links below to see the results of the information gathering. What is the City’s Current Parks & Recreation Plan?
Maplewood’s Parks and Recreation System is currently guided by the City’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan which was adopted in 2010. The Comprehensive Plan sets the foundation for development and redevelopment in the entire city through its vision and goals. The system plan under development will not replace the Comprehensive Plan but provide additional guidance on the parks and recreation system operation. The following are specific chapters which relate to the parks and recreation system.

2030 Comprehensive Plan