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Jul 14

July 14, 2017

Posted to City Manager Blog by Chad Bergo


Meetings and Announcements:    

Our next City Council meeting will be held on Monday, July24th  at 7 pm. Workshop will begin at 5:30 pm.   Items on the agenda include a discussion on the process for removing and re-repurposing the solar panels at the MCC, an update on the Rice and Larpentuer Planning Project and Racial Equity Program update. 

Planning Commission- will meet on Tuesday, July 18th to hold the public hearing on the CIP. All Advisory Boards have been invited. Ellie will present and I will be on hand for questions.

HEDC- will meet on Thursday, July 28th at 6 pm and they will be discussing the Comprehensive Plan- Housing Component. 

Check out the articles from the local press covering many Maplewood activities. Content and links can be found at the end of this document.

Updates from Staff and Council

July 4th
It turned out to be a beautiful night for a party at Hazelwood on July 4th! There was something for everyone –KID CITY activities, hands only CPR training, displays from the Historical Society, tattoo and glitter hair booths, game stations and of course giant inflatables. The food vendors and our event partners the Dog House Bar & Grill kept everyone satisfied with delicious food and drink. Hundreds of the famous City Council fans were handed out and were much appreciated on such a warm afternoon.

Anna(Frozen) and Chase(Paw Patrol) were a hit with kids and parents alike, stopping to take photos and even dancing with the crowd. Our Maplewood K9 Rex was also extremely popular.

The band Good for Gary energized the crowd and built up the excitement for the fireworks show. Everything ran smoothly and the fireworks display went off without a hitch. People seemed to understand the need for the increased size of the fall zone and were happy with the show.

This was definitely a team effort across many City Departments and we are looking forward to next year!
Photos are attached and here is the link to the video posted on our web page:

These are a few of the comments that were posted online after the event:

“Amazing finale! Best fireworks I've ever seen. Thanks City of Maplewood!”

“It was the best show in many years no matter where you went this year wouldn't be nearly as good as this one.”
“The band was great! The food was good, not bad prices either! Had great seats for the fireworks. They were really really spectacular! The finale was Awesome! Definitely going back next year!!”
“Awesome night thanks Maplewood and dog house bar and grill!”
“Awesome show from where we were sitting! Definitely made up for the oops last year!”
“What a great organized event and a wonderful band.”
“Fun times by all ages, well organized, friendly people.”
“I thought they were better than some years. It was a perfect night for them. The weather was awesome. No mosquito bites for a change. Good job Maplewood.”
“Best show in years! Me and the kids loved it!”
“Definitely a great show this year! The children were happy and with happy children come happy adults!”


On July 7, the Maplewood Historical Society officially opened Magically Adhered, its new exhibit focusing on the special relationship between the City of Maplewood and 3M. The exhibit takes a fascinating look into what happened when 3M moved its corporate headquarters and research facilities from St. Paul to the Maplewood area in the 1950s. This exhibit is worth the time if you can work it into your schedule.
In the coming weeks, the Maplewood Historical Society will host a number of events to further celebrate Magically Adhered.
There will be public open houses on Aug. 13 and 14 and Sept. 10 and 11 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
There will also be a number of guest speakers who will share insights into 3M’s history and global importance:
? Life inside the 3M campus, July 25, at 6:30 p.m.
? 3M Visiting Wizard, children’s science experiments, Aug. 13, at noon.
? History of 3M innovations, (date to be determined), at 6:30 p.m.
? Remarks from a Carlton Society recipient/innovative scientist, Sept. 12, at 6:30 p.m.
Each speaking event will be held at the Bruentrup Heritage Farm, 2170 East County Road D, in Maplewood. Visit to find out more about Magically Adhered as well as other Historical Society events. 
Photo from the ribbon cutting.

Maplewood Business Council
The next Maplewood Business Council meeting will take place on September 28 at 7:30 a.m. at the Maplewood Mall.  This meeting will concentrate solely on the city’s comprehensive plan update and will be focused on eliciting feedback and guidance from the business community to assist with the development of the plan document.  Staff will be working closely with the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce to do specific promotion of this event to ensure a good conversation takes place regarding the business community and the comp plan.  

Community Engagement Breakfast
The City of Maplewood's Housing and Economic Development Commission and Maplewood's City Council will be hosting the city's third annual Community Engagement Breakfast on Wednesday, October 11, 2017. This breakfast will focus on a presentation and discussion regarding the city’s business engagement efforts this year.  The Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce will present its findings from the meetings and surveys and lead a discussion on what the engagement efforts have discovered.  In addition we will take a portion of this event to showcase the city’s comprehensive plan update and further engage the business community in this process.  There will be opportunities to provide direct feedback before and after the event as staff will have a booth setup in the back of the room focusing on the comprehensive plan. 

To find out the more recent information on upcoming business outreach events visit 

News from Tennis Sanitation


Recycle clothing & shoes on your regular recycling day.

STEP 1 Place clothing and shoes into the orange bags provided by Simple Recycling.
STEP 2 Place your bags at the curb on your regular collection day BESIDE your recycling cart.
STEP 3 Tennis Recycling will collect the bags and recycle the items for reuse!

Need additional Bags? Visit Call 866.835.5068 or email

Items that are acceptable for recycling collection: All types of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories.


Simple Recycling has partnered with our recycling vendor, Tennis Sanitation, to collect linens and small household goods.  By mail, residents will receive two large orange plastic bags along with a mailer with the step-by-step instruction for what can go in the bags.  Once a resident has placed their bags at the curb, Tennis will collect the items and deliver another bag.  We did a soft rollout this week and Tennis is already struggling (in a good way!) with the increased volume of the material collected in the program.  We will do a more general spotlight on the new program in the citywide newsletter in a month or two.   If residents have questions they can call 888.863.5068 or email  Way to go Tennis for being innovative!

News From local sources and agencies :  Reference:  Retired Chief Schnell and Chief Nadeau (both participated in the discussion)  Reference:  Chief Nadeau, Mike Funk, Melinda Coleman  Reference:  Maplewood PD – recruitment process Pathways to Policing  Reference:  3M sponsors Mariucci Arena  Reference:  Ramsey County Fair/Parade begins Wednesday  Reference:  Review of Light it Up   Reference:  Maplewood Nature Center upcoming events  Reference:  MN fire fatalities – referenced the Maplewood resident fatality 

Have a great weekend. Please call if I can provide additional information or if you have comments on the content. Thanks, Melinda

  Melinda Coleman | 651-249-2055

Mar 01

The New Guy - Bryan Smith

Posted to Council Account by Chad Bergo

When I got the assignment to write an article for this month’s Maplewood Living, I really didn’t want to write “the new guy” article. The reality is, however, that I have now been sworn in for about six weeks, I have attended 3 council meetings, and have been working hard to learn the ins and outs of Maplewood operations and how to be the best councilmember I can. It feels strange to be writing this so early; I am the new guy after all…

We have all been the new person: new kid at school, new person at work, or the new family on the block. It can be a tough time of uncertainty and anxiety, but it is also a time of opportunity for new friends, new skills, and new knowledge. I have felt all of these feelings since being sworn in. In fact, I am not only the new guy here, but also am the new guy on the Gateway Corridor Commission and a number of other groups for which I now represent the city.

As I have begun this journey, there are a number of life lessons I reflect on and hold in my heart:
1. Be grateful: I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to serve our city, and also for my colleagues on the council, the mayor, and many leaders from the city staff who have all been generous and patient while teaching me and answering all my rookie questions.

2. More elephants and fewer hippos: Picture it: elephants have huge ears and small mouths while hippos have huge mouths and small ears. I know I can tend to be more of a hippo, more apt to speak than I am to listen carefully. I am doing my best to be more of an elephant, and it takes a great deal of energy for me to slow down, shut my mouth, and listen. I am doing my best, and when I am successful, I find it serves me quite well.

3. Be kind: I have never regretted being kind to someone – I have, however, regretted being unkind almost every time. My wife and I have always expected our son to show kindness to others, and at 7 years old, he is now my role model. I hope I can grow up to be as kind and empathetic as him.

While I really didn’t want to write the new guy article, I think that I just did. One thing I have learned in my career is that people typically feel “new” a lot longer than they are seen as “new” by others. Hopefully you still see me as “new” – I know I still feel it. I am looking forward to the challenge ahead, to getting to know you all better, and to working to make our city the best it can be.

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